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In an increasingly globalized economy and technology, greater demand for skilled Indian human resources and cheaper air fares. Indians, today have increasing opportunities and needs to travel abroad. Be it Migration, higher studies, business set up or work, opportunities awailable are immense. Whatever the purpose may be, one needs to ensure that the certificate attestation procedures are followed.

While producing an Indian certificate be it educational or non-educational general outside of India, the host country needs to recognize it as a genuine document. There are two procedures to establish this objective depending on whether your host country is a signatory of the Hague Convention or not. If the host country is a signatory, you need to follow the Apostille procedure else the Attestation procedure.

These procedures are lengthy and complicated may take anywhere between 15-30 working days and it is essential, one gets it done.

In advance, to avoid any eventualities in case of an emergency. Hence it is important to entrust your document in the hands of a professional.
Your search ends here as we are Genius Document Clearing, the leading company for attestation / legalization /authentication or apostille services worldwide especially in India.

Earler people only knew about the HRD, ministry in New Delhi. Which is no more existing. Since July 2007 the HRD ministry was delegated this work to the respective Home Departments of each state.

Since the majority of NRI's residing in the GCC countries is from Kerala, the Govt. of India has made an exception by assigining the task of placing the attestation procedure to NORKA centers (Norka doing the attestation of educational certificate).

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