Marriage certificate Apostille


Marriage Certificate Apostille Service is provided from almost all the countries such as India / UK / USA / Canada / Australia / South Africa / France / Belgium / Russia / Belarus / Spain and many more.

In some jurisdictions a marriage certificate is the official record that two people have undertaken a marriage ceremony. In some other jurisdictions, a marriage license serves a dual purpose of granting permission for a marriage to take place and then recording the fact that it has done so.

Marriage Certificate Apostille is required for the following purposes:

    1. In order to obtain dual citizenship.
    2. In order to obtain the ownership of the property.
    3. In order to work in another country.
    4. To bring spouse
    5. Adding spouse name in the passport.
    6. To admit wife for delivery in the hospital
    7. To apply for passport for children.
    8. To cohabit with a member of the opposite sex.

What do I need to know before requesting an Apostille?

Before you approach a Competent Authority about getting an Apostille, you should consider questions such as:

Does the Apostille Convention apply in both the country that issued the public document and the country where I intend to use it?
Can I get an Apostille for my public document, i.e., is my document considered a public document under the law of the country where it was issued?
Can I request an Apostille by mail or must I appear in person? This is particularly relevant if you are living in a country other than the country that issued your public document.
If I have multiple documents, will I need multiple Apostilles?
Are there other documents (in addition to the public document) or additional information that I need to provide to get an Apostille (e.g., a document establishing my identity or a stamped envelope in the case of requests by mail)?
How much does an Apostille cost and what forms of payment are available?
How long will it take to get the Apostille?

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